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wts2bMost spiders are nocturnal. During the day they are seldom seen, unless they are sought or disturbed in their natural environments. When the light fades, spiders become active. They leave the protection of their burrows or shelters and go out in search of food or, in the case of web spinning spiders, construct their webs to snare prey. As day breaks, most spiders seek the safety of their shelters again. Some advice for the prevention of spider bites Wear gloves when gardening and handling soil or rubbish. >Wear sensible footwear when walking outside, particularly at night. Don’t leave toys, clothes, shoes, and other such articles on the ground, particularly overnight. Where extensive landscaping, excavations, digging or gardening has occurred nearby, be alert for disturbed ground dwelling spiders, which may enter buildings. Be alert for wandering ground dwelling spiders after long periods of very hot weather, and after widespread application of insecticides. Where spiders are not directly contacted by the insecticide, they may be disturbed and wander more than usual.